Institutional - Demir Home A.Ş.


Our Loved Ones, Our Lovers Ones and All Humanity…

The human being, who lived his last years by facing regional wars, global diseases and many more difficult difficulties to cope with, has always succeeded in coming out of all the negative conditions he is in, with his extraordinary effort, mind and will, in the stages of change and development. These processes have strengthened the knowledge, equipment and success rate of the history of humanity, and have enabled them to look towards the future with more hope. This has made us realize once again the fact that we should join hands for a better, more spacious and more livable world.

The hands that will shape the future for future generations are the hands of today. All these development and change efforts are for the effort to leave the blue planet we inherited to the next generations in a deep blue way.

We, as Demir Home A.Ş family, carry out all our duties in full, and we are ready to do more than we have worked from yesterday to today, in the evolution of the global world we are a part of, into good and beautiful. Even though we felt the difficulties of the cyclical crises in all our fields of activity, we came to the forefront as a company that became stronger, more resilient, with an expanded vision and valued mission at the end of the processes, our investments gained more value, our projects became more compatible with the environment, technology and the era… Big While we were signing projects, we tried to create a rich lifestyle without ignoring nature, life, nature and even by contributing to all these, and we succeeded in this… We added value to our own lives, added value to what we touched, and were valued as much as the value we added. We have succeeded in transforming all the negativities of urban life from intense stress into a holiday mode with our new lifestyle formations, as a result, we won, our investors won and humanity won… we will continue.

We are at the service of all humanity with our fellow travelers, with whom we share our roadmap, which we have created in an order that has a broad vision, an important mission, adds value to life, and has a grasp of the purpose of existence and life.

We are honored and proud to be at your service.



We care about environmental and social factors as much as the material quality of the construction in our commercial or residential projects with a distinguished design. In all of our projects, we build advantageous living spaces, taking into account their needs such as security, green spaces and transportation.

We develop construction projects on the basis of robustness, aesthetics and functionality, with an architectural approach centered on human life. The main idea of ​​each of our projects is human. From the foundation to the roof, we base human peace, trust and happiness at every stage of the construction.

We meticulously and skillfully manage all processes from investment analysis, time / budget to end-user motivation of any private or commercial construction project. Our technical expertise and collaborative approach to potential problems allows us to successfully deliver our value-added projects.

Quality is in the details. We keep the standards of durability high by performing meticulous planning and strict quality control on every project we start.

It is our belief in innovation that keeps us strong and up to date. We closely follow new technologies and developing architectural trends. We make time and resources more efficient by using technology as needed at every stage of our projects.

We believe that all kinds of work accidents are preventable. With the right planning, attention and continuous training, we take precautions for the health and safety of our employees.